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Stormseeker Games LLC

Stormseek Games is a Charleston, SC based Indie Game Developer. 

Their debut title, Infinite Adventures® is available now on 

Steam, PS4® and Xbox One.

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Travon Santerre

Stormseeker Games LLC was founded in 2015 by Travon Santerre who felt like there was a lack of dungeon crawling RPGs on the market. He set out to make a dungeon crawler that was rooted in classic CRPGs but with modern design elements and an engaging story-line. Travon is a veteran of the game industry who worked for Riot Games back in 2011-2013 on League of Legends. Travon handles all engineering, game design, and project management.


Dana Santerre

In January 2017, Travon's wife, Dana Santerre, joined the company as the Director of Business Development.  Within this roll, she uses the skills  she obtained from her extensive background in legal assisting, hospitality and real estate management to handle the overall business management, marketing and customer relationship activities of Stormseeker Games.